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Beef dish Restaurant in Melbourne

Beef dish Restaurant in Melbourne

Variety of Beef Dishes Available

Get ready to have tasty beef with Australian flavor. Check website of RoastDuckInn as we have listed numerous recipes over there. Beef is one of the popular meat types because numerous dishes can be easily prepared without hassle.

Beef is extremely popular globally and when we consider per capita consumption then Australia stands at number 7. Uruguay stands at number 1 position. Over years, numerous restaurants have come up in Melbourne and nearby region where beef is served with various flavors. We all know about various Australian beef dishes so here we will list popular dishes from all across the world.

Which are popular beef dishes across the world?

  1. Beef Stifado: this dish comes from Greece
  2. Cow heel soup: Popular dish from Caribbean region
  3. Beef Pierogi: This is a European dish across countries namely Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia.
  4. Palaver Sauce: North African dish
  5. Beef Carpaccio: An Italian dish
  6. Wagyu Beef Steak: Japanese dish

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