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Claypot Dish Restaurant in Melbourne

Claypot Dish Restaurant in Melbourne

Taste Different with Clay Pot Dishes

No matter what is cooked, if it is prepared in clay pot then it will give completely different taste. RoastDuckInn is one of the prominent names for various Clay Pot dishes in Melbourne city. Check our menu and you will explore numerous typical as well as conventional dishes available with us.


What is clay pot cooking?

Clay pot cooking is a way to cook food in unglazed or glazed pottery.


How clay pot cooking is different from conventional cooking?

When we cook food in clay pot then moist heat plays major role. Juice that comes from food as well as moisture added to porous clay have prominent role in process.

What is Clay Pot Chinese food?

It comes from family of Cantonese cuisines. In this, rice is cooked with marinated meat or vegetables and later drizzled with flavorful sauces.

How to get new clay pot ready for cooking?

Put pot completely in water for few hours then use proper scrub to take off loose top surface. Put this pot in sunlight for few days. Apply any vegetable oil inside and outside of pot. Now your pot is ready for cooking.


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