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Seafood Restaurant in Melbourne

Seafood Restaurant in Melbourne

Seafood Like Never Before


Seafood is extremely popular across various cities in Australia. Melbourne has numerous restaurants where seafood dishes are easily available. RoastDuckInn is such a place that has created its identity based on numerous delicious dishes directly from sea. Check our website or Google local listing because we have put menu over there.


What is seafood?

This is any form of eatable that comes from sea. It mainly includes fish and shellfish. Some prominent names are molluscs, crustaceans, echinoderms etc.


What are various types of seafood?

Seafood can be categorized as listed below:

  1. Fish
  2. Roe
  3. Shellfish
  4. Marine Mammals
  5. Echinoderms
  6. Medusozoa
  7. Tunicates

Which are prominent fishes in seafood of Australia?

For freshwater fish, there are two prominent names Murray Cod, and Australian Bass. Among Marine fish, main names are Starry Triggerfish, Abalistes Stellatus, Ablabys Taenianotus, Flat needlefish etc.


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